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Tailored Storage Solutions – From Kids’ Closets to Garage Closets

Contemporary Closet is the best firm to work with when designing and installing storage solutions for kids. They have a large variety of trendy and functional children’s clothing. Our custom-made garments section will not only meet your child’s evolving needs, but will also encourage their imagination and foster their creative growth. Our children’s closets come with features that will assist your kid keep their belongings organized, such as little sections, adjustable rods, and shelves.

Kid’s closet

Your children’s bedrooms seem like a bomb site because of all the stuff in there. Put an end to the mayhem in these rooms with our tailor-made children’s closets. Your brand-new closets will be safe from even the most mischievous children thanks to our soft-closing cabinet hinges.

Practical and playful kid’s closet

Make your child’s bedroom closet more inviting for play and organization with advice from the pros at Contemporary Closet. Sort up your wardrobe, footwear, accessories, and even some of your home items with these useful pointers.
We are well-aware of the requirement of creating a space that promotes orderliness and cleanliness while also encouraging original thought. Our kids’ closets are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of children and provide flexible storage solutions that may be changed as they get older. Our custom closets are designed with children in mind, so they can play and get dressed in an environment that is fun for them. The shelves are easily accessible, and the colors are vibrant.

Closet organizers

For walk-in, reach-in, children, or any other type of customized closet system, be sure to ask our experts about our closet organizers. To make better use of the space you have, try rearranging your closet organizers.

Make more storage space

  • No one, not even the tiniest shoppers, is grabbing garments. Arrange the rods such that Mom and Dad can readily reach them to maximize the space at the top of the closet.
  • Two staggered poles adorn this children’s garment. The cubbies, drawers, and shelves included in the pre-assembled storage cubes make it easy to tailor the set to your toddler’s unique needs.
  • To make use of the empty space at the base, you can stack the cubes and then trim them with quarter-round molding.

Think about the technology

  • A charging station is a great accessory for any kid’s wardrobe.
  • Whether or not they own an iPad, their current condition will inevitably alter in the next years.
  • Having a specific place to charge their own gadgets can help them feel more independent.

Easy ideas for custom kids closet storage

A child’s walk-in closet provides ample space for functional needs while also allowing them to express their individuality. Put tempered glass panes in lieu of the regular bifold doors. Make a decorative accent by placing a fabric swatch into each glass panel. Within, set up a wall unit with drawers and cubbies surrounding a bench for the children to use as a shoe storage solution. To get the illusion of built-in storage without the bulk of structure, sandwich two narrow bookshelf towers or modular storage cubes with a robust blanket or toy box on top.

Involvement of the kid

Your children may be more than happy to provide a hand when you ask them to help you clean out your closet and arrange your belongings. You may either ask them how they would like their valuables housed or provide them a choice of partitions. Give the older children free rein to decorate with whatever colors and designs they desire once you’ve helped them get everything in its right place.

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