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Tailored Storage Solutions – From Kids’ Closets to Garage Closets

Contemporary Closet is the best firm to work with when designing and installing storage solutions for kids. They have a large variety of trendy and functional children’s clothing. Our custom-made garments section will not only meet your child’s evolving needs, but will also encourage their imagination and foster their creative growth. Our children’s closets come with features that will assist your kid keep their belongings organized, such as little sections, adjustable rods, and shelves.

Kid’s closet

Your children’s bedrooms seem like a bomb site because of all the stuff in there. Put an end to the mayhem in these rooms with our tailor-made children’s closets. Your brand-new closets will be safe from even the most mischievous children thanks to our soft-closing cabinet hinges.

Practical and playful kid’s closet

Make your child’s bedroom closet more inviting for play and organization with advice from the pros at Contemporary Closet. Sort up your wardrobe, footwear, accessories, and even some of your home items with these useful pointers.
We are well-aware of the requirement of creating a space that promotes orderliness and cleanliness while also encouraging original thought. Our kids’ closets are tailor-made to meet the unique needs of children and provide flexible storage solutions that may be changed as they get older. Our custom closets are designed with children in mind, so they can play and get dressed in an environment that is fun for them. The shelves are easily accessible, and the colors are vibrant.

Closet organizers

For walk-in, reach-in, children, or any other type of customized closet system, be sure to ask our experts about our closet organizers. To make better use of the space you have, try rearranging your closet organizers.

Make more storage space

  • No one, not even the tiniest shoppers, is grabbing garments. Arrange the rods such that Mom and Dad can readily reach them to maximize the space at the top of the closet.
  • Two staggered poles adorn this children’s garment. The cubbies, drawers, and shelves included in the pre-assembled storage cubes make it easy to tailor the set to your toddler’s unique needs.
  • To make use of the empty space at the base, you can stack the cubes and then trim them with quarter-round molding.

Think about the technology

  • A charging station is a great accessory for any kid’s wardrobe.
  • Whether or not they own an iPad, their current condition will inevitably alter in the next years.
  • Having a specific place to charge their own gadgets can help them feel more independent.

Easy ideas for custom kids closet storage

A child’s walk-in closet provides ample space for functional needs while also allowing them to express their individuality. Put tempered glass panes in lieu of the regular bifold doors. Make a decorative accent by placing a fabric swatch into each glass panel. Within, set up a wall unit with drawers and cubbies surrounding a bench for the children to use as a shoe storage solution. To get the illusion of built-in storage without the bulk of structure, sandwich two narrow bookshelf towers or modular storage cubes with a robust blanket or toy box on top.

Involvement of the kid

Your children may be more than happy to provide a hand when you ask them to help you clean out your closet and arrange your belongings. You may either ask them how they would like their valuables housed or provide them a choice of partitions. Give the older children free rein to decorate with whatever colors and designs they desire once you’ve helped them get everything in its right place.


Closet Makeovers- Tailoring Storage for Kids, Adults, and Beyond

Just for a second, picture a world where your closet was filled with pleasure instead of sorrow. The state of the utility, craft, linen, entry, and hall closets can range from incredibly tidy and immaculate to utterly disorganized and chaotic, depending on their respective roles. Get your closet clutter under control with the aid of the professional designers at Tailored Closet and their cutting-edge storage solutions, which work with any style of closet.

Organized closet: How to organize a closet?

The first step in making your closet more functional and organized, according to everyone we spoke to, is to take stock of your current belongings and get rid of anything you don’t use or need. Although it’s not recommended to dramatically reduce your clothing collection, it is wise to avoid letting superfluous items occupy precious storage space. For those who struggle to let go of goods that may have outlived their usefulness. Embrace your true self and let go of everything that doesn’t support it. In addition, our specialists have provided the following advice regarding the arrangement of clothing of varying sizes:

Review your objectives

Find out if you’re motivated by a need for order, efficiency, or beauty, and act accordingly. “One can more easily discover a method that suits their needs once they are aware of the reason behind their desire to become organized.”

Prior to making a purchase, you should confirm that

Once the unnecessary items have been removed, assess the remaining items and figure out how to put them to use. Unless you take stock of your belongings first, you risk wasting money on storage options that don’t work for you.

Make your selection of organizational aids with care

 Finding storage solutions that make the most of limited square footage is of the utmost importance. Smarter alternatives to cumbersome wooden hangers and drawer-filled storage boxes include slim hangers and shelf separators.

Make sure the space is clear and easy to get to

The best closet organizers, let you see every item in your storage space without any obstructions. Instead of stuffing sweaters into boxes, display them on individual shelves to draw more attention to them. Find a permanent place for everything, particularly the ones you’re prone to misplacing, like your shoes.

Potentially useful is found storage

You can make good use of the space inside doors by hanging items on hooks, and you can save floor space by combining long and short garments.

Vertical space may be utilized to your benefit

There’s no need to hang all of the objects you’ve been thinking about. Sometimes it’s more effective to fold and put items on shelves so there’s room to hang the things that truly need to be hung.

Green suggests that you try out your new storage techniques for a few weeks before committing to a more permanent change in your organization routine. Sort your clothes into piles of similar items and store them in cardboard boxes before you run out and purchase new containers. The existing system isn’t helping your condition, thus “it’s time to look for another system” in our opinion.

Keep your cool

Being organized is not an easy or quick process. “Be careful. You deserve it. This disaster didn’t just happen; it will take more than a day to restore order.

There is a choice in love

  • Feelings of conflict and emotion may develop while you plan.
  • “Give yourself grace” and show compassion for yourself and your organizing journey.

The use of closet rod extender

The powder-coated steel pole stands out from the competition with its sturdy and adjustable nylon straps. These straps are compatible with closet rods of any diameter. Shirts for kids and grown-ups alike can be hung from the rod at the adjustable clip’s variable height. The rod may be adjusted to a height twenty-seven to thirty-two inches lower than the top rod.


The Psychology Behind Closet Organization and Why Decluttering Feels Good

Keeping your closet decluttered is one of the most imperative effects you have to look into. The significance of a clean and organized wardrobe can have diverse effects on one’s mental health. Contemporary closet elucidates the constructive outcomes of having a decluttered closet and offers easy ways to sustain your closet.

Internal feelings are portrayed by external clutter

Clutter takes many forms, some more noticeable than others. You aren’t giving it your all if you’re hanging on to things that have served their purpose, whether material or sentimental. Our mood, our view on change, our sense of security, and our hope for the future are all negatively impacted by clutter.

Your self-perception is reflected in the lens through which you view the world. What does a constantly disordered home reveal about its owner’s sanity? Having a lot of stuff may be a visual barrier and a distraction from more severe difficulties. Clinging may also be a response to the fear of losing something valuable.

Antagonistic properties of clutter

Dealing with internal battles is hard, but we can always fight the hurdles. The mind can only be at peace if the surroundings are decluttered and full of positivity.

Decreases focus

  • The objects you have about you occupy mental space and affect how you think, feel, and carry out daily activities.
  • Your attention will wander as you wash dishes and remove trash from the kitchen. These outstanding tasks prevent you from focusing on what has to be done.
  • Numerous studies have demonstrated that one’s immediate environment may profoundly affect one’s mental and emotional state and, hence, one’s motivation to act and make decisions.
  • On the other hand, a clean and well-organized space will have the opposite impact of one that is dark and disorganized.

Obstacle in productivity

  • Reduced productivity directly results from clutter’s effect on people’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand.
  • For example, if you’re stressed about the trash you forgot to take out the night before, you won’t be able to deliver an effective presentation.
  • Because of the extra time and resources needed to locate goods, clutter is inefficient and wasteful.
  • According to research by NAPO, the typical person wastes more than eight thousand seven hundred hours per year seeking misplaced items.

Dealing with clutter to gain peace from internal anxiety

Having a clean and airy environment can benefit us in many ways. It can make us look at the brighter prospects of life and contemplate pulling ourselves out of the dark hole that is consuming us negatively. 

Here are a few things you need to consider to have a decluttered closet that can also aid in maintaining your mental health.

Focus on the section that needs to be organized.

Focus on one section of the closet or shelf at a time rather than trying to clean the whole thing at once. See how much you can get done if you only have 15 minutes. Then, in the remaining 15 minutes, force yourself to get as much done as possible.

Donate unwanted paraphernalia

Donating unwanted items can alleviate the anxiety of parting ways and the guilt of throwing away something that could still be used.

Consumer with morals

Do you plan to use this? Are you sure you require it? Please elaborate without using the word “want” in your response if you can. Think about if you’re trying to buy happiness or fill a vacuum in your life.

The next group of images should feature your prom attire and other keepsakes you can’t bring yourself to part with. Grandma’s wedding gown is a priceless heirloom

 that should not be thrown away. Please wear the State Fair T-shirt she bought when you were six and take a picture of yourself.


 Top ideas for small closet hacks

There are advantages to living in a small place, such as seeing all your belongings without getting off the sofa, but having a tiny closet isn’t one of them. If you’re still struggling to fit everything into your closet after a complete purge, here are clever ways to make the most of your space.

How does a closet add value to your house?

A closet tends to add a lot of value to your house. Most homeowners do not pay attention to the closet that needs to be paid. Thinking that the closet will not be in use much, they do not pay attention to maximizing the space of the closet which may be a little troublesome for others later.

Having a closet with maximum space attracts the buyer’s attention, which is why paying attention to the cabinet is just as important as paying attention to other rooms.

How does maximizing the space of your closet help you?

Maximizing the space of your closet will always help you in many different situations. You may like to dress up quite frequently, or your roommate does. In that case, having a closet with maximum space is what you would like. Having full space will not cause both parties to have any arguments. This will help to keep the environment friendly.

  • Having maximum space in your closet will help you to keep your things organized and separate from each other clothes.
  • It will save you the full closet floor space needed to make the closet look organized and clean.

What are the benefits of maximizing your closet space

One can gain numerous benefits from keeping their closet with maximum space. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can easily find your clothes.
  • It gives you a reason to expand your closet just like you want to without worrying about the closet space.
  • The accessories, clothes, and shoes are kept safe from harm.
  • Maximizing the closet space will help you keep the clutter off the floor and provide more floor space. Overall, you will have a clean outlook for your entire closet.

What are the top ideas you need to make to maximize your small closet space?

Here are some things that can help you maximize your small closet space. Everyone desires to have a space with maximum space so that they can store more of their shopping stuff and expand their closet for obvious reasons.

These are the best ideas to help anyone with their minor closet space issues.

Invest in a shelving system

Investing in a shelving system is one of the best ways to maximize your closet space. The shelves will hold most of your clothes and bags, which will be helpful since they will save more floor space.

Matching color hangers

Using the hangers will make your closet an organized look since the clothes will be hung in the correct order with the same color as a hanger. It will make the cabinet look like a professional’s closet, which tends to make others fascinated by your organizing choice.

Investing in shoe-rack

  • When organizing your closet, the most painful and tiresome task is arranging your shoes. Moving a little around the shoes makes it look like they will topple over, and there will be a mess.
  • Because of this, investing in shoe racks is the best option. You can put your shoes there.
  • They will be kept safe and away from any harm.

How do you lay out a walk-in closet?

If you have a walk-in closet, the planning process may seem a little daunting. You may want your walk-in closet to be a beautiful and functional space. For this purpose, we have the best tips that can help one to lay out their closet just like a professional.

Why do you have to Layout your walk-in closet?

Feeling inspired by watching a season on Netflix, you may want to give your closet a new look, or you may be tired of how your closet is giving old-fashioned vibes. This may lead you to share your closet with a new outlook that will satisfy you.

After buying a new house or getting your dream walk-in closet, you may wonder how you will maintain it properly. But why do you need to lay out your closet? Giving your closet a layout is considered necessary since you may want your closet to look organized. Having a closet that stays quite messed up is something no one would like. That is why you need to lay out your closet so that the well-maintained image of your walk-in closet remains.

How do you lay out a walking closet?

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to give your closet a layout. These tips and tricks are easy to work on, and they are also super affordable for one.

Make use of various closet space

The main point that will lead to having a successful well-organized walk-in closet is that you should utilize various variety of storage spaces. Aside from the regular use of hanging rods, you should consider using:

  • Open cubbies.
  • Plastic bins that can store a maximum of your seasonal wear.
  • Baskets for various storage purposes.
  • Cabinet storage since they can be used to store your accessories.

To make outfit planning easier, clothing, shoes, and other accessories can be stored in the open. This will make it easy for you and is super convenient if you are an office worker or a student.

Design your closet with style

  • You can bring a long-standing mirror to help you visualize your outfit more effectively.
  • More lighting source means that your closet will look well-organized and ideal.
  • The addition of cabinets will make it easier for you to keep your things organized and they will be easy to find.
  • A shoe rack will keep the shoes safe from any kind of harm and it also makes it easier for you to find them whilst you are running out of time.

Utilize open storage for easy access

Because of a streamlined routine, the organization of a walk-in closet is necessary. Every item must have a reachable and proper place when it comes to organizing a walk-in closet.

  • The use of shelves can’t be compared to storing folded items neatly and keeping them within sight. This will help you to quickly put things away and pull them when needed without exerting any effort.
  • To a man’s walk-in closet, a well-organized closet will need hanging drawers, a floor-set shoe rack, and a double rod. The hanging rods can hold the spot gears and out-of-season clothes.
  • Hanging rods can also be used in women’s walk-in closets for various purposes.

Top ideas for walk-in closets

Why do your walk-in closets hold importance?

There are many reasons why the walk-in closet holds so much importance in a person’s life. a walk-in closet may be seen just as a regular average closet, while in reality, it is not something regular. If you are a fashion blogger, you may need a well-organized walk-in closet to know what will look the very best on you. Meanwhile, even if you are a business owner or a model, you will require vast space to store your daily wear and accessories.

From another point of view, the closet is crucial for daily people and those planning on selling their house. Having a walk-in closet system adds up to the house’s overall price, and the house owners can benefit a lot since people love to have a well-designed walk-in closet in their new house.

Why do you need ideas for a walk-in closet?

Sometimes you may require a lot of ideas to organize your walk-in closet, and sometimes, you just need to organize your walk-in closet to keep your things in order.

Some of the best and most helpful ideas that you may require for your walk-in closet are:

Make use of the closet storage space

The first thing that can lead you to have a clean and well-organized walk-in closet is that you need to use the extra closet storage space.  Aside from using the usual hanging rods, you need to look for other things like:

  • Baskets.
  • Cubbies and plastic bins.

 In these, you can store a different variety of stuff that should be kept inside your closet.

To avoid the cluttered look, you need to put all the clothes, shoes, and accessories separately in the boxes, cubbies, and baskets and label them.

Design the walk-in closet with style

Designing your walk-in closet with style does not mean you need to install an expensive chandelier in your closet. You can simply brighten up the space by using more lighting. Since the lighting of one space usually makes the place look cleaner and airier. And you can also install a tall standing mirror so that you can check out your outfit.

Wear, trash, and donate

You can always get bored of old clothes you may want to get rid of. For this purpose, you can use the wear, donate, and trash method.

  • Take three boxes and label them as trash, donate and wear.
  • Take the clothes in one box which you are planning g about donate.
  • The trash box can be filled with clothes you may not want to wear and donate.

This tends to help in a way to keep your closet organized and also make more space for your closet so that you can store new things with ease.

Use the wall space

You can always use the wall space well by installing the shelving system. The vertical shelves in your walk-in closet are beneficial since they can save you almost most of your floor space and keep your things in order. With the help of these vertical shelves in your closet, you can keep your sweaters and hoodies in one place, and they won’t be damaged.

Shoe racks

If you are someone who matches their shoes with the outfit you wear, having a shoe rack in your walk-in closet is extremely important since it will keep your shoes in order, and you can easily visualize which one you want to go with.


What is the best way to organize your walk-in closet?

Have you ever wished that your walk-in closet resembled more like a boutique instead of a hot mess express? If you have ever seen a Netflix show where the character might have been arranging their closet then you must have compared it to yours and come up with your own methods to those shown.

Your closet clutter and disorder can’t be solved with just the ideas you have come up with, you must consider scrolling through different walk-in closet blogs which can also give you more appropriate ideas on how you organize your walk-in closet. While combining your ideas and the blog post’s ideas, you will be able to find the best storage solutions for your little space and turn luxury into reality.

How can you start organizing your walk-in closet?

Start cleaning the closet

The very first step towards having an organized closet is that you should always empty the closet so that you can measure the proportions where you can set the shoe rack or where you can hang your clothes, and most importantly where you can keep your accessories safe and easy to find.

Once you have taken everything out of the closet and it is empty, you should clean it with the aid of a vacuum cleaner so that no dust can make your clothes dusty.

Decide what you should get rid of and declutter

When you pull out the different pieces of clothes or anything, you have always asked yourself these three questions:

  • Will it fit anymore?
  • How many times have I worn it in the past year?
  • Will this still look good?
  • It’s damaged, isn’t it?

It is essential that when you are arranging your closet you should make three portions of what you will keep and what you should donate and what you have to throw. It will help you to save extra space and also it will also keep your closet clean and organized.

Maximizing the closet space

The use of hanging space is much more efficient than using bins and shelves, the use of hanging space saves much more space which can come in handy later on and benefits the owner of the walk-in closet. When decorating your closet, think about what is most important to you.

The use of drawers

You can use drawers to keep your accessories safe and easy to find. The drawers are not expensive and they can be easily accommodated. Having your accessories kept in these drawers makes it possible for you to find them easily while you are in hurry.

You need to make sure that these drawers are of the right size and that they can easily fit inside the closet or be kept on the shelves. If they are too tall then you may not be able to find anything easily and it may get time-consuming.

Use of baskets and bins

The use of baskets and bins is somewhat important. Since baskets and bins can be used to keep small things safe inside them. Many things like swimwear, winter accessories, and flip-flops can be put inside the baskets and bins.

You should make sure that the basket or any bin you are using is placed in one corner of the room where you can easily see them and they are not taking much floor storage space. Also, make sure that you label them according to the stuff you have stored inside them. In this way, it will be easy to find them on time and you will be able to remember what you have stored in those bins and baskets.


What is the best modern closet door?

Why closet doors are necessary?

Even though closet doors are an absolute need, they are sometimes disregarded in home design. Having a closet door is as necessary as having a closet. The door takes care of your comfort, having a closet that may be difficult to open or does not match the aesthetic is quite unpleasing.

Simply a closet door serves the necessary purpose of hiding your closet’s interior. Having a closet door magically changes the whole bedroom’s outlook. The closet doors are the first thing that shows your aesthetic.

Which types of closet doors are best?

The most reliable and modern closet doors are:

  • Bi-fold closet door.
  • Chalkboard paint closet door.
  • Modern glass closet door.
  • Louvered closet door.
  • Mirror closet door.
  • Curtains.
  • Closet French door.

Bi-fold closet door

A bi-fold closet door is one of the most prevalent solutions. These space-saving doors may be painted or customized to create a one-of-a-kind wardrobe door. Many different options are available for personalizing the door. One can also go for wood molding in geometric shapes, which will create a modern look.

Another option is to opt for wallpaper coverings with attractive prints that won’t fail to catch one’s eyes and give off a unique outlook. The best thing about having a bi-fold closet door is that it does not take up much floor space. Moreover, these double doors are available within one’s budget.

Chalkboard paint closet door

Closet doors covered with chalkboard paint are beneficial for both adults and children as they can make certain drawings on the door which also tends to give a unique outlook. Chalk paint is all that is needed to transform the doors into a blackboard in just 48 hours.

Especially if your children like painting, this is an excellent idea for a children’s room closet door.  Applying a simple coat of chalkboard which is simply available at a very cheap price and it takes only a few hours before you can use it. Adding a new twist to your child’s room decor is a fun and creative way to do it.

Curtains as a closet door

Some people do not like having built-in closet doors, so they tend to opt for curtains. Curtains may sound simple, but in fact, the use of curtains gives a very elegant outlook. Curtains can also be used since they also provide more floor storage space. Whatever the reason may be, curtains make a magnificent alternative for closet doors.

A simple curtain with grey fabric hanging down can give a pared-down natural outlook to your bedroom. You can also opt for curtains with thicker fabric. It depends on how much space you have and how much storage you need to conceal.

Louvered closet door

Because of their form, sliding doors like this one resemble accordion closet doors. Keep your clothes fresh and clean with these doors, which allow in a lot of fresh air and natural light. When it comes to bringing warmth into a room, wooden louvered closet doors are the way to achieve it. These doors are easy to maintain as well.

Mirror closet door

This door provides a double purpose, a mirror and also a closet door. To brighten and enlarge your house, these bedroom closet doors are a good option. Closet doors that have mirrors on them look more spacious. In every room in the house, they’ll add a splash of elegance and class.

Closet French door

The closet French door opens outward into the room, these doors will allow you to view inside your closet more comfortably. Painting the door white will make it look more elegant and classic.

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