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 Complete guide to layout a master walk-in closet

Walk-in closets rule over the world of storage solutions. Many people still desire walk-in closets. People with master bedrooms may want a walk-in closet if they don‘t have one. Because of this reason, we have decided to provide you with a guide on how to layout a master walk-in closet.

Before you start, what do you need to know?

Designing a walk-in closet is not an easy task. It tends to take a lot of hard work and requires proper time.

On these three factors, a walk-in closet design depends upon

  • The budget.
  • Already available space.
  • Requirements for storage.

These three factors are essential to note since they will help you organize your walk-in closet. Setting up a walk-in closet can be highly costly for master bedrooms, of which the budget needs to be set for buying certain things.

Walk-In Closets: A Complete Guide For Your Storage Needs

Different types of walk-in layouts

Let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about how things usually work and how buildings are laid out in the outside world.

 There are a variety of walk-ins available to meet a variety of needs. However, the following occur more frequently:

Single-sided walk-in closet

  • The most minor and most popular reach-in extension is this one.
  • It’s wide enough to swing open a door and provide easy access to the shelves on the wall across from the entrance.

Double-sided walk-in closet

  • As you enter the closet, the aisle in the middle is free, while shelving units line the outer walls.
  • Around the average size.

Island walk-in closet

Here, you have a pair of closets joined together by an island. One, two, or all three walls can be used for shelving, and a dresser can go against any of them. As you might expect from such a high-end product, they take up a lot of room in the closet.

Wrap-around walk-in closet

This walk-in closet design tends to maximize the already present storage space along with the storage units placed on the three walls.

The above-mentioned layout designs for walk-in closets are based on the3 placement of the storage units. If we’re talking specifically only about the closet’s size, then the walk-in closet can be broken down into the following three categories:

Once you discover the space problems, it becomes easy for you to layout a design that would fit well with the storage and will be according to your liking. Knowing the correct measures is one of the most important things you must look after. Knowing them will make it easier for you to design your closet.

Closet Size Design Guide - Designing Idea

Tips to follow while designing your walk-in closet

  • Double rods are a typical addition to closets because they allow for more efficient use of space. The standard height for such lighting is between 40 and 80 inches.
  • The ideal length for a single rod is 72 inches. Install shelves above the path to make the most of the available height.
  • Without a dedicated shoe rack, footwear can overwhelm any given space completely.
  • In many cases, a storage container needs a space four feet wide. The three walls of a walk-in closet six feet wide provide ample space for storage and garment hanging rods. As little as 10 feet in width is sufficient for a narrow aisle to function.

How can I make my garage nice?

How does the garage play an important in the life of different people?

A garage can be used in any sense, some people use it as a space where they park their cars, some use it as a place where they can store their tools and some may use it as a place where they can make their working deals and work upon certain things. To some people, it may be considered a place where they can even live.

It all depends upon the preferences and the conditions of one. In this case, one often think about what should they do to, make their garage look presentable and a nice place where they can park their car, store tool, or do anything which can be done in the garage.

Why should the garage look nice and presentable?

A garage that looks tidy and spacious surely nicely helps you. You will like to park your garage in a place which looks presentable. An organized garage also helps you to sell your house since the buyers may like the presentable and nice garage which will be meeting their garage needs.

What are some ways that can make your garage look nice?

There are several ideas and ways that can help you make your garage look nice and presentable. But here we provide some ways that are easy and will make your garage look nice with minimum effort.

Install a functional garage door

A wooden door may not be convenient since it can get difficult to open and it may require a lot of effort which may not be according to the liking of the buyer or the owner. That is why you should look for a door that can open up automatically and can be convenient for your use.

Organize the recycling and trash cans

  • Organize the trash cans so that while working you may toss away the waste. It will help you to keep your garage clean and organized since there would be no waste that may be scattered around on the floor
  • Sometimes there are certain things that you think can be recycled that is why you should buy a recycle bin where you can put those things. Doing so, it will be easy for you to take them out and put them to use. It also keeps your garage clean.

Pay attention to a garage floor

Having an attractive garage tends to have a bigger impact on how the space may look like. Some years back, the garage floors were merely composed of monochromatic tiles until to this day and year, many tiles tend to provide numerous benefits since the cars are to be parked in there and there may be tools that can cause damage to the floor when they fall.

Install electrical appliances

  • Install fans and an air conditioning system to keep the garage cool so that while working there you may not feel suffocated.
  • Install circuits since while working there you may have some mechanical gears that should be plugged so that they can work.

Install cabinets for freeing up floor space

The use of cabinets is greater than you think. Cabinets screwed to the wall will provide you with a lot of floor space which can be used later. Label the cabinets according to the things you have stored in them. That way it is easy for you to find certain gears without wasting much time and it gives your garage an organized look.

Repaint the garage for an appealing look

Repaint the garage so that it looks clean and airy. The garage should be painted with bright white color since it will give good reflection to the lights. In that way, the garage will look more clean and nice.

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