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How do you layout a garage

What is happening in your garage?

A few things come to your mind when it is time to organize your garage and there are just some basic ideas that everyone can think of. But have you ever thought of how you can use your garage in many other ways?

  • Parking your car in a designated space.
  • Using the garage for storage purposes.
  • For workshop purposes.

These three are some basic things that one thinks of when they are organizing a garage. But the use of a garage can also incorporate:

  • It can be used as a laundry room.
  • A game room (table tennis or pool games)
  • As a home gym.
  • A teenage hangout space.

A garage can be used for many aspects but merely we only think of it as a place where we can park our cars, and bikes or use it for storage space.

What are some good garage designs?

Consider the following while you are giving your garage a new layout:

  • The space in the garage should be meeting your parking needs and should be in proportion according to the house design. Most of the time this is done for maintaining the balancing act.
  • The location of your car space should be in accordance since the car space is something that needs to be given extra attention. Having an appropriate portion for your car space will save you space that you can use for other purposes.
  • The flooring is also important since your cars and bikes are to be parked there. If the floor is scratched due to the friction of the tires then it will end up giving your garage an old outlook that you may not like.
  • The role of lights in the garage is extremely necessary, using the lights that can make your garage as bright as possible is the best option. Having some windows for the natural light source is also essential.
  • The addition of water taps and other electrical appliances may help since it can be used as a teenage hangout place.

Utilities and wiring in the garage

The purpose of utilities and wiring in your garage plays an important role. Since the garage can be used for various purposes then you may consider applying

  • There should be enough plug points and separate circuits for the garage.
  • Having an air conditioning system for summers.
  • Heaters for winters since you can use the garage as a teen hangout space.
  • Speakers.
  • Built-n storage system.

Layouts for garages

Craftsman garage layout

This type of layout tends to provide more space by providing more rooms where almost anything can be stored. This layout is perfect for those who want a garage where they have plenty of car space and natural light. Loft storage is also available.

Prairie garage-style layout

This garage is perfect for those who have three-four cars to park. This type of layout provides a lot of space when the car is either moving out or when it is being parked inside.

Country-style garage layout

If you are looking for extra space, then this type of layout is perfect. This layout of the garage provides extra room for cars and the front-facing windows also offer a nice view which can help you calm your mind while working or cleaning the garage. 

Traditional garage style layout

In this type of layout, you can park your car on the bottom floor each with separate car rooms. The stair tends to offer access to the second floor where you can find a lot of storage.

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