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Custom Closets in Cherry Hill, NJ

Do you need highly custom closet space for anything and everything you can think of in your Cherry Hill home? If yes, look no further!

Welcome to Contemporary Closets, Cherry Hill’s #1 closet and garage design company. Get custom closet and storage solutions for walk-in closets, reach-in closets, wardrobe closets, dressing rooms, garages, food pantry, laundry area, food prepping area, laundry room, home office, and home entertainment center. Also, get related storage solutions like murphy beds. 

We have custom storage solutions for every inch of your home. TALK TO US!

About Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill town (situated in Camden County) has an abundance of single-family homes. While many homes have extra storage spaces like garages and basements, these spaces are usually unfinished and filled with clutter (from tools to lawn equipment and recreational gear). 

There’s, therefore, a pressing need for additional functional closet and garage storage solutions for those keen on becoming more organized, maximizing existing space, and enjoying other benefits of custom closets i.e., improved aesthetic appeal. 

If you feel your Cherry Hill home is spacious but you can hardly find space, stay put. The same applies to Cherry Hill homeowners who feel they don’t have any space in their homes. Our work is to find space for you in the unlikeliest of places. 

But first things first. Why bother about custom closets and extra closed storage space in your Cherry Hill home?

Luxurious custom walk-in closet in Cherry Hill, NJ, showcasing elegant cabinetry, a central island with drawers, extensive shoe racks, and a chic chandelier. A woman is seen organizing her wardrobe.
Modern walk-in closet in Cherry Hill, NJ, with white cabinetry, ample shelving, a central island with drawers, and a large window providing natural light.
Man organizing clothes in a modern closet with shelves and a wire laundry basket

Benefits of Custom Closets and Garage Storage in Your Home!

  • Maximize storage: This is the most obvious benefit. Closets will create additional storage space in your home.
  • Custom-fit: Custom closets can be made to custom-fit your items. Standard closets may fail to utilize space perfectly in your home. They may also not fit certain items properly. Our custom closets are made with your item’s dimensions and other special needs in mind.
  • Organizational benefits: Custom closets help you arrange your clothing and other items perfectly making it easy to find things and save time. Closets also help to declutter (identify and eliminate things you don’t need/use).
  • Aesthetic benefits: Custom closets with beautiful materials and finishes complement existing decor.
  • Boost home value: Highly custom, organized, and stylish storage space is bound to increase the appeal of a home to potential homebuyers. Contemporary Closets has the resources and expertise to create camera-ready closets worthy of a Hollywood Mansion.
  • Safety benefits: Custom storage solutions in areas like garages ensure tools, equipment, and other potentially dangerous items are kept safely.

Our Custom Closet & Garage Organization Services

Ready to enjoy any one or more of the above benefits of custom closet space or other storage space in your home? Here are our main Cherry Hill closet services;


We offer many custom closet design services in Cherry Hill. Our main services include;

Spacious custom walk-in closet with organized shelves, drawers, and hanging space

1. Custom Walk in Closets

A custom walk-in closet in your Cherry Hill home will increase functionality and beauty. A walk-in closet isn’t just storage space for clothes. It’s a stylistic statement that transforms your closet into a small, elegant store. 

Spacious walk-in closets are perfect for master bedrooms. However, we can custom-make them for any room in your home. We can design walk-in closets in any shape and size to match your room and personal preferences perfectly. Get storage space for everything from clothes to shoes, belts, watches, perfume, name it!

Start your journey to getting your very own Cherry Hill walk-in closet with a FREE CONSULTATION

Share your closet idea i.e., luxury walk in closet, designer closet, small walk-in closet, modern walk-in closet, closet accessories (i.e., jewelry trays, slide-out belt drawers, adjustable shoe shelves/rack, closet lighting, perfume/fragrance box, etc.) and let’s design from scratch.

2. Custom Reach in Closets

Do you want custom reach-in closets that feature a smart design? Let’s face it! Reach-in closets have long been frowned upon due to their small size. At Contemporary Closets, we use clever design techniques to make reach-in closets that are functional and easily accessible. Get barn sliders or bi-fold doors for full accessibility. 

We have highly skilled reach-in closet experts who will amaze you with their creativity. Get everything from cupboard, baskets, hanging space, pull-out trays, and more in your reach-in closet and store everything neatly and within reach without using a lot of space.

Get in touch for reach-in closets for kids, teens reach in closets, and more.

Custom reach-in closets with white cabinetry, glass doors, gold handles, and a central island in a well-lit modern design
Custom wardrobe closets with organized shelves, hanging spaces, and a central island in a modern design

3. Custom Wardrobe Closets

Maybe you have very specific needs that a traditional closet won’t meet. If that’s the case, try our custom wardrobe closets designed to offer a world of possibilities while transforming your storage space into a stylish and organized haven for your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

We custom-make freestanding wardrobes, walk-in, and reach-in wardrobe closets. Get a freestanding wardrobe closet in Cherry Hill and utilize unused corners while adding a beautiful piece of furniture to your space. Discover more about our wardrobe closets.

4. Custom Dressing Rooms

Elevate the concept of clothing storage with a custom dressing room. Store clothes and get dressed in fashion. Our custom dressing rooms offer the ultimate organization. Get a storage layout that rivals that of a small luxury store. Incorporate drawers, hanging rods, mirrors, adjustable shelves and custom compartments for your clothes, shoes and accessories. There’s no better way to create your ultimate outfit.

A custom dressing room will reduce frantic searches for that perfect outfit. It will also reflect your unique personal style and add value to your home. Be among the few homeowners in Cherry Hill who get the privilege of having their own luxurious dressing room.

Find out the cost of a custom dressing room in Cherry Hill. 

A custom NJ laundry room will save space in other rooms, keep your detergents safe, and make laundry tasks easier and more enjoyable. Click the link below to learn more!

Custom dressing room with organized storage system
Custom garage storage in Cherry Hill, NJ

5. Custom Garage Storage

Looking for garage storage solutions? We can also help with tailored garage storage meant for home equipment, clutter, tools, and other items stored in garages. Get storage space cupboards and wall organization to help you utilize every inch of garage space in your home. Whether you are searching for custom racks or a workbench that doubles up as closed storage, we’ve got you covered.

We can also turn your garage into a highly functional man cave, playroom, home gym, or craft area with ample storage and functional space. We’ll install racks, wall organizers, and overhead storage space allowing you countless options for storage. 

While at it, we can install garage flooring that is slip-resistant, aesthetically appealing, and easy to clean. Get started with our garage organization service. 

6. Custom Food Pantry & Food Prepping Area

Does your kitchen have a small pantry that is hardly enough to store food items? If yes, Contemporary Closets has a solution for small pantry space. We can also add space for food preparation while at it!

Many Cherry Hill homes feature pantry spaces which appear to be small but have ample unused vertical and horizontal space. The pantries are also guilty of lacking custom space for specific food items. We know this all too well which is why we offer custom food pantry design services aimed at creating a pantry that has ample storage space for just about any pantry item you can think of.

Book a FREE consultation and let us know about your pantry storage issues. Our closet designers in Cherry Hill will pay you a visit, inspect your pantry, and prepare a design plan just for you featuring custom spaces for different types of foods, tools, or any other thing you wish to store in your pantry. 

Claim your 20% discount NOW on all new kitchen pantry services. While at it, ask for a custom food-prepping area.

Custom food pantry and food prepping area in Cherry Hill, NJ
Modern custom laundry area with stacked washer and dryer, cabinets, and hanging space.

7. Custom Laundry Area

Does your laundry room need a complete transformation? Contemporary Closets offers Cherry Hill laundry room design services aimed at creating a highly functional and multi-purpose space.

If you don’t have a laundry room, we can create one from scratch out of existing rooms like a kitchen corner, basement, detached quarters, etc.

Get dedicated space for your washer, dryer, laundry baskets, laundry detergents, iron boxes, ironing board, etc. We can even add personalized shelves and cabinets for clean and dirty clothes. 

Let’s transform or create a washing area that will make your laundry tasks more seamless, enjoyable, and safe. Contact us to discuss different laundry room ideas. Share your dream laundry room cabinet pictures.

8. Custom Home Office Space

If you have a home office or need to create space for one, we’ve also got you covered. We have creative organizing solutions that will ensure you create a functional working space and enjoy the time you spend there. 

We can make custom cabinets, cubbies, divider panels, a desk that doubles up as a bookshelf, and more for your Cherry Hill home office. While at it, we’ll add some home office accessories like lights and ornamental doors that add your flair and character.

We have dedicated Cherry Hill home office design experts ready to upgrade your office into a functional, motivating, and organized space that meets your needs perfectly while staying within budget.

Custom Home Office Space in Cherry Hill
Custom Gray Entryway Closet with Storage Compartments

9. Other Custom Closet & Storage Space Solutions

Your Cherry Hill New Jersey home may need other closet space or additional storage. Contemporary Closets can help with many other storage solutions below;

Closets for entertainment centers: Imagine having storage space for housing your TV and other media devices/electronics? We can design standalone storage units or built-in ones for your entertainment center. Hide away your TV, remote controls, video consoles, cords, and cables.

Our storage solution for your TV room can also offer versatility. Convert your entertainment room into a bedroom, office, playroom, or other space in seconds by hiding away consoles, toys, screens, etc. Our storage solutions can also be crafted to protect your entertainment units from pets, kids, dirt, and dust.

Entryway closets: Entryway closets are located close to your home’s main door. They come in different sizes and configurations. If you live in one of those Cherry Hill homes without an entry closet or yours is too small, we can assist.

Let’s design the perfect entryway closet space that boosts your home’s curb appeal and leaves a great first impression for guests. Our entryway closets also offer unmatched clutter control. We can design closets that accommodate just about everything from shoes to coats, bags, caps, umbrellas, car keys and other essentials. We can also add seasonal storage space for summer hats and winter coats allowing them to be neatly tucked away. 

What if you have a small entryway? Well, don’t worry. We have the best closet designer team in Cherry Hill. We can work with small entryways with just about any configuration creating storage space and drop-of zones for jackets, shoes, bags, keys, mail, and anything in-between. Talk to us for more info on our entryway closet design process. 

Murphy beds: A murphy bed (also known as a fold-down bed or wall bed) is a great way to save space while still adding functionality to your home. We are experts in designing, making, and installing beds that fold cleverly into cabinets, walls, or wall units when not in use. 

Choose this service and free up valuable floor space in your home. Use one room for multiple purposes with ease and enjoy other benefits like improved organization. We can integrate murphy beds into furniture like cabinets, bookshelves, and even desks allowing you precious storage space and versatility. Seize being limited by small bedrooms or living spaces. 

Contact us to find out where you can buy a murphy bed in Cherry Hill or have one custom-made just for you.

Why Choose Contemporary Closets for All Your Custom Closets in Cherry Hill, NJ?

There are many custom closet and garage organization companies in New Jersey. Why should you work with us?

  • Highly experienced team: Contemporary Closets is composed of seasoned closet and garage design experts with over a century of combined experience. We aren’t a newbie company trying to get a footing. All our designers have years of experience and are capable of everything including creating camera-ready closets or hollywood inspired closets worthy of any luxury home.
  • Highly rated Cherry Hill closet and garage design company. Check our Google reviews. Our past and present clients love our work.
  • Highly custom solutions: We offer fully custom solutions for every room/space in your home, garage, or business. Say goodbye to boring premade closets that hardly meet personal tastes and preferences perfectly. Share any preference i.e. material preferences such as solid wood or dark wood cabinets to accessory preferences i.e. hidden compartment. We do it all!
  • High-tech closet remodel services: We have our very own proprietary design software ORGdesign that allows us to offer our clients unmatched closet customization options.
  • Variety of services: Contemporary Closets is your full-service custom closet and garage organization company. We offer multiple services from designing and installing spacious walk-in closets, reach-in closets to garage organization, kitchen pantry, laundry room, and home office organization/storage solutions. Our services also include custom closets for non-residential or commercial use.
  • Guaranteed services: We offer products that have a limited lifetime residential warranty. We have a lifetime warranty policy that ensures you are protected from defects in materials and issues with workmanship for the entire lifetime of the products you buy from us. We’ll repair or replace products at ZERO extra cost if need be.
  • Simple process. FREE consultation & quote: Getting the closet space or garage of your dreams is as simple as requesting for a consultation and sharing your closet ideas. Well provide a plan, free quote, and do the rest.

Ready to work with us? Call us: (732)-800-5161 or fill out our online contact form. You can also visit us in person. (Google Maps).

FAQs About Custom Closets

It depends on factors like the size of the closet/s in question, materials, labor costs, etc. A good custom closet design company will work within your budget. Get a FREE custom closet quote NOW from Contemporary Closets. 

As mentioned, the cost will vary based on several factors, for the most accurate costing, request for a FREE quote.

Custom closets can cost a few hundred dollars to thousands. What you spend should depend on your own unique tastes and preferences as well as your budget. 

Standard measurements range from 24-inches in depth as such depth allows ample space for hangers and clothing (adult-sized). The closets can be as long as you want depending on the available space and preferences. Common sizes range 3-6 feet and 6 feet for wider spaces. We suggest you get an expert opinion.

Yes! You can’t put a cost to a well-organized and safe home that makes you and your family happy. You also stand to increase the value of your home, hence justifying the cost.

Yes! Potential home buyers in Cherry Hill and everywhere else find additional custom storage spaces appealing.

It depends. However, you have more control over the final product and cost when you customize a closet space or garage organization solution.

The #1 Closet Design and Installation Company in Cherry Hill, NJ

Our NJ Closet Design & Installation experts have decades of experience. They are also aided by our own software – ORGdesign, high-quality materials, an unmatched variety of color and design options, and a sustainable approach! The core of the materials we use in our closet design is composed of 100% recyclable or recovered wood fibers.


Forterra features engineered structured panels that deliver remarkable strength and sophistication with thicker, longer designs that have been unachievable until now.


All ORG Home panels are made of industrial grade particleboard, finished in melamine and part of EcoElements. The core is made of 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber.


The materials we use to make custom closets meet the CARB (California Air Qualify Resources Board) standards on indoor air quality. Our clients shouldn’t worry about funny odors or harmful emissions.

Featured Reviews for Custom Closet Designers

When it comes to custom closet and storage solutions for every room in your home (including the garage), nobody beats Contemporary Closets.

When you meet us, you’ll see how amazing the process of unlocking the storage potential of the spaces in your house really is. In the meantime, check out some of the positive feedback we’re always receiving from our customers.

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