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Custom Closets in Mt. Laurel, NJ

Are you tired of traditional closets? Do you wish for a truly unique closet space that matches your precise tastes and preferences? If you can imagine space for just about anything in your home, we can custom-make it!

Contemporary Closets is your #1 stop shop for all your custom closets in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey!

Don’t settle for typical boring closets. Let’s design your dream closet from scratch using our very own proprietary ORG Design software that allows us to make unique designs that promote clever use of space.

We can custom-make walk-in closets, reach-in closets, custom kitchen pantry, custom laundry room, custom home office space, custom garage space, and more. 

Book a FREE CONSULTATION. You are one consultation away from creating your very own camera-ready Hollywood mansion closet in your Mt. Laurel home. View our work

Custom Closets in Mt. Laurel
Custom Closets by Contemporary Closets

Top Benefits of Custom Closets by Contemporary Closets

  • You may be wondering if a closet renovation is a cost you should be considering. Why bother about creating custom closet space? Well, here are the top benefits;

    1. Organization and time-saving benefits:  Custom closets that have been designed based on your specific wardrobe or storage needs are bound to make you more organized. Standard closet organizers assume everyone has similar storage needs when that’s not the case. If you have many shoes, belts, and hats, a custom closet will be designed with this in mind. 

    If you prefer compartmentalized drawers, you can have such space as well. Since everything is factored in, you get to keep everything organized. No more scrambling for outfits and accessories. This will in turn save time spent dressing up.

    1. Space-saving benefits: Your typical Mt. Laurel home stands to enjoy some space-saving benefits. Typical closets tend to feature awkward layouts. What’s more, they don’t utilize space in the best way possible. Our talented closet designers and proprietary ORG Design software helps us design closets that maximize wall, ceiling and floor space completely. 

    Our closets are designed while factoring in everything from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling space. We’ll also include closet features such as adjustable shelves, hanging rods (at different heights), and pull-out drawers for your foldable items. No space goes to waste! Our custom closets ensure you store everything you need and eliminate additional storage space. 

    1. Aesthetic benefits: Custom closets come with added beauty. Since there’s no limit to the kind of closet systems spaces you can create, you enjoy unmatched functionality and beauty. Talk to us for details on the design elements we can incorporate that will complement your room style. Most importantly, we have designed many luxurious closets in Mt. Laurel. Check out our work.
    2. Increased home value: Custom closet space is appealing to many potential home buyers in Mt. Laurel and beyond. If you want your home to stand out in the market, creating custom storage space in the bedrooms, kitchen, and other areas like the garage is proven to deliver a high ROI.
    3. Internal benefits (happiness): We are all in pursuit of happiness and custom closets can add that much-needed happiness to your life. If you love an organized and beautiful home free of clutter, custom closets will be worth every penny. You’re also bound to save time dressing and finding things which will in turn reduce stress levels.

Our Custom Closet & Garage Organization Services

Ready to enjoy any one or more of the above benefits of custom closet space or other storage space in your home? Here are our main Mt. Laurel closet services;


What kind of custom closets do we make for Mt. Laurel home and business owners? What other storage solutions can you get?

Walk-in Closets Mt Laurel

a. Walk-in Closets Mt Laurel

As a Mount Laurel homeowner, you can get that dream walk-in closet that you’ve always wanted. Walk-in closets aren’t just places for storing clothes. They have become staples for master bedrooms. A walk-in closet in other bedrooms is an added advantage. Enjoy a mix of beauty and functionality. 

Our walk-in closet designs can only be limited by your imagination. Get a rectangular Walkin closet, circular Walk In closet, and closets in any other shape and size. Add features like islands in the middle, lighting, mirrors, special storage space for dryers, washers, name it! We can design all from modern walk-in closets to luxurious Walkin closets fit for a Hollywood mansion. 

Share your dream Walkin closet ideas with us. We are ready to listen, add our professional input and execute.

b. Reach in Closets

Looking for a custom closet that can fit perfectly in limited space without being too small? Look no further! Our reach-in closets feature a clever design that gets rid of the traditional cons of reach-in closets i.e., small size. Our ORG Design software can design spacious reach-in closets that work with the available space and layout of your room. 

Most importantly, you won’t get the typical closet common in most Mt. Laurel NJ homes. We add notable customizations such as mirrors, sliding doors, foldable doors, and other closet accessories i.e. pull-out closet trays, racks, and hooks to make the reach-in closet more functional than conventional ones.

Reach in Closets Mt Laurel
Custom Kitchen Pantry Cabinet in Mt Laurel

c. Custom Kitchen Pantry Cabinet in Mt Laurel

If you need custom organization space for your kitchen, we design dream pantries that look great and are functional. Your typical Mt. Laurel home may not have enough space for food preparation and storage. If that’s the case with you, don’t worry. We design pantries from existing kitchen space without the need to do full kitchen remodeling. We also recreate pantries to meet your needs. 

Assuming you have a pantry that doesn’t have enough storage space or lacks specialized storage space for specific food items, we can create new space. We can also create the perfect conditions for food in your pantry, while at it. 

Talk to us and get your full walk-in pantry featuring storage space for everything you can think of i.e., specific food items, kitchen appliances, utensils, name it. Get a food preparation platform while at it and control the mess you make while cooking.

d. Custom Laundry Room

If your laundry room is packed with clutter or you wish to utilize more vertical and horizontal space, we can design closets and special space for your clean laundry, cleaning supplies, towels, washing machine/dryer, ironing board, retractable clothes baskets, storage bins and more. 

Let’s create a laundry room for you that makes you look forward to doing laundry. Contact us to discuss laundry room storage ideas and discover what will work for your Mt. Laurel home.

Custom Laundry Room in Mt Laurel
Garage Design in Mt. Laurel

e. Garage Design in Mt. Laurel

Garage Storage Space, Garage Cabinets & Garage Flooring. If you have a typical garage that you’d love to remodel for many reasons i.e. to make it safer, to improve aesthetics, to create more storage space, etc., we have you covered. We can create workable space in your garage i.e. a workbench if you need working space. We can also create custom storage space including garage closets for unique items i.e., old clutter/clothing. 

If you need livable garage space, we can do that as well. The same applies to updating your garage flooring. Whether you want to update floor color, create a mancave, make your garage safer and/or create more space for bulky items, personal items or everyday items (i.e., sporting gear, bicycles, appliances, power tools, lawn equipment, etc.,) we can assist. Talk to us about your garage transformation ideas and leave the rest to us.

f. Home Office Design

If you work from home full-time or often, you need a well-designed and organized workspace that inspires you. Contemporary Closets has mastered the art of home office organization meant to make working from home easier and more fun.

We can create custom home office tables, custom adjustable shelves, custom storage cabinets, and more to free up clutter while adding a personal touch to your space. We can also add accessories from lighting to unique doors and more. Utilize every inch of your horizontal and vertical space to organize everything perfectly and get inspired every time you walk into your home office.

Schedule a complementary consultation. Share your home office ideas and let our team handle the rest. Also, talk to us if you have any other storage needs for your home. We do much more including designing entryway closets with shoe racks, entertainment centers, and Murphy beds. 

We are masters of creating additional custom storage spaces that stand out in functionality and personality.

Home Office Design

Our Advantage: Why Work with Contemporary Closets in Mt. Laurel?

There’s no shortage of custom closet companies in Mt. Laurel. Why should you work with us?

We’ve been around for 15+ years: Contemporary Closets has over 15 years of custom closet designing experience in Mt. Laurel and other parts of New Jersey. We aren’t newbies trying to cash in on a lucrative industry. We’ve been tested and proven. We have the customer reviews to prove it! Google reviews.

Experienced team and proprietary closet design software – ORG Design: We’re also one of the few custom closet design companies in Mt. Laurel that owns and uses our very own software. We are also able to design very unique closets because we have our own high-tech software and a highly experienced team of closet designers and installers

Full-service custom closet and garage organization services: We offer all services meant to create additional unique storage space in your home. Call us: 732-800-5161 for custom walk-in closets, reach-in closets, garage organization, laundry room storage, kitchen pantry storage, home office storage, entryway closets, entertainment centers, Murphy beds, etc.

Unmatched variety – celebrity camera-read closets: We also offer a variety of closet and storage space styles, colors, and accessories. Your closet and storage space dreams are only limited by imagination.

Highly custom services: We pride ourselves in offering our customers truly unique custom closets that match their needs perfectly. Get one-of-a-kind closets designed with your belongings in mind.

High-quality closet materials. 100% recyclable/recovered wood fibers: We also use the best, most sustainable materials to make closets. Besides having 100% recyclable materials if needed, our materials also meet CARB standards for indoor air quality. 

Simple process: Getting your dream custom closet is as simple as contacting us and sharing your ideas. Let us worry about executing.

Incredible discounts: Schedule a complimentary consultation and stand to enjoy up to 20% off on all custom closet orders.

Guaranteed services with warranty: We don’t stop until our clients are 100% satisfied. Our products and services are guaranteed. We offer limited lifetime residential warranties for our products. We will replace/repair any defective products at ZERO cost.

Ready to get one-of-a-kind custom closets for your Mt. Laurel home? Call us now: (732)-800-5161 or contact us online. You can also visit our headquarters in person. (Google Maps).

FAQs About Custom Closets in Mt. Laurel, NJ

It depends on the type of closets you want and your budget. If you want luxurious camera-ready closets fit for a Hollywood mansion, you can expect to spend thousands. However, you can still get great custom closets at a bargain. Talk to our experts to know the exact amount you should spend.

It depends on factors such as the materials used to make the closets, the size, storage capacity, accessories, etc. Again, you need to consult a professional to get an accurate closet cost estimate.

As mentioned, luxury closets cost thousands of dollars largely dependent on materials used, size, type of closet, and accessories.

YES! In most cases, the uniqueness that comes with custom closets coupled with additional storage space offers a good selling point should you choose to sell your Mt. Laurel home.

Just talk to one of our closet designers. All you need is a vague idea. We help our clients bring their ideas to life.

The #1 Closet Design and Installation Company in Cherry Hill, NJ

Our NJ Closet Design & Installation experts have decades of experience. They are also aided by our own software – ORGdesign, high-quality materials, an unmatched variety of color and design options, and a sustainable approach! The core of the materials we use in our closet design is composed of 100% recyclable or recovered wood fibers.


Forterra features engineered structured panels that deliver remarkable strength and sophistication with thicker, longer designs that have been unachievable until now.


All ORG Home panels are made of industrial grade particleboard, finished in melamine and part of EcoElements. The core is made of 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber.


The materials we use to make custom closets meet the CARB (California Air Qualify Resources Board) standards on indoor air quality. Our clients shouldn’t worry about funny odors or harmful emissions.

Featured Reviews for Custom Closet Designers

When it comes to custom closet and storage solutions for every room in your home (including the garage), nobody beats Contemporary Closets.

When you meet us, you’ll see how amazing the process of unlocking the storage potential of the spaces in your house really is. In the meantime, check out some of the positive feedback we’re always receiving from our customers.

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