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Closet Organization tips and tricks in 2022


Closet Organization tips and tricks in 2022

Every person including the tidiest person in the house finds it troublesome to arrange the closet. Closets are usually for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories, which means that they can easily become messy over time. To most people, it’s too big of a job since it requires time and most of our energy. It surely is very exhausting to organize the closet but with the help of your new tricks and tips it may turn out to be easier. 

Here are some tips and tricks which surely will help you to maximize your efficiency. 

Taking advantage of wall space

Having a lot of vertical space is also beneficial as you can use floating shelves, mounting hooks, and storage pockets that hang over the closet door which tends to give more storage place for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Keeping the floor space neat and clean

It is necessary to keep the floor space clean. It’s very common to store shoes and bags on the floor, the cluttered closet maybe looks quite messy and small. If you see yourself running into this problem you should try to store these items in the vertical space of the closet, as they will be in order and it becomes easier to look for them. This act may give a more presentable and clean outlook to your closet. 

Making space for jewelry

Shoes, tops, and bottoms are considered to be the essential things in a wardrobe. Yet there is jewelry which is another important part of the wardrobe. Creating enough space for jewelry holds great importance while organizing the closet. If you are someone who is an avid jewelry wearer, you should consider setting up some space where you can easily store and see your necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, bracelets, and other small items. Keeping the jewelry in space will provide them safety from getting lost or not being able to find them at the time when you are getting late. It will also help you to better visualize which jewelry paring will go best when picking your outfit. 

Uniform hangers

If your closet looks a little haphazard or messy, take a look at your hangers, chances are that they are of various types, different sizes, shapes, and colors. To make your closet look more uniform, you should buy a set of hangers which is of color and size. Using hangers of the same size and color will make your closet look more presentable to you. 

Effect of light on closet

Dim lights will make your closet look more cluttered and unappealing. Giving your closet a makeover, you should also consider the changing lights since lights in the closet play one important role, the brighter the closet looks the more comfortable you are in finding the desired stuff. 

  • By using floor lamps the closet tends to look classy. 
  • Setting up table lamps also helps for more light. 
  • Pendant lights are one of the great sources to give light to your closet and make them look cleaner, neat, cheery, and organized. 

Replacement of storage boxes 

If there are card boxes or shoe boxes in your closet, whether you are using them to store documents, souvenirs, or some old clothes or jewelry it will end up giving of cluttered outlook to your closet. In this regard, it is suggested that you should replace the card boxes with some more attractive storage boxes which may include, wicker baskets, storage bins, crates, or wire drawers. This will give your closet a tidy and clean look. But try to place the storage containers on the top shelf as it will look cleaner.  

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