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Closet Organization tips and tricks in 2022


Closet Organization tips and tricks in 2022

Every person including the tidiest person in the house finds it troublesome to arrange the closet. Closets are usually for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories, which means that they can easily become messy over time. To most people, it’s too big of a job since it requires time and most of our energy. It surely is very exhausting to organize the closet but with the help of your new tricks and tips it may turn out to be easier. 

Here are some tips and tricks which surely will help you to maximize your efficiency. 

Taking advantage of wall space

Having a lot of vertical space is also beneficial as you can use floating shelves, mounting hooks, and storage pockets that hang over the closet door which tends to give more storage place for clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Keeping the floor space neat and clean

It is necessary to keep the floor space clean. It’s very common to store shoes and bags on the floor, the cluttered closet maybe looks quite messy and small. If you see yourself running into this problem you should try to store these items in the vertical space of the closet, as they will be in order and it becomes easier to look for them. This act may give a more presentable and clean outlook to your closet. 

Making space for jewelry

Shoes, tops, and bottoms are considered to be the essential things in a wardrobe. Yet there is jewelry which is another important part of the wardrobe. Creating enough space for jewelry holds great importance while organizing the closet. If you are someone who is an avid jewelry wearer, you should consider setting up some space where you can easily store and see your necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, bracelets, and other small items. Keeping the jewelry in space will provide them safety from getting lost or not being able to find them at the time when you are getting late. It will also help you to better visualize which jewelry paring will go best when picking your outfit. 

Uniform hangers

If your closet looks a little haphazard or messy, take a look at your hangers, chances are that they are of various types, different sizes, shapes, and colors. To make your closet look more uniform, you should buy a set of hangers which is of color and size. Using hangers of the same size and color will make your closet look more presentable to you. 

Effect of light on closet

Dim lights will make your closet look more cluttered and unappealing. Giving your closet a makeover, you should also consider the changing lights since lights in the closet play one important role, the brighter the closet looks the more comfortable you are in finding the desired stuff. 

  • By using floor lamps the closet tends to look classy. 
  • Setting up table lamps also helps for more light. 
  • Pendant lights are one of the great sources to give light to your closet and make them look cleaner, neat, cheery, and organized. 

Replacement of storage boxes 

If there are card boxes or shoe boxes in your closet, whether you are using them to store documents, souvenirs, or some old clothes or jewelry it will end up giving of cluttered outlook to your closet. In this regard, it is suggested that you should replace the card boxes with some more attractive storage boxes which may include, wicker baskets, storage bins, crates, or wire drawers. This will give your closet a tidy and clean look. But try to place the storage containers on the top shelf as it will look cleaner.  


Best Garage Cabinet System


Best Garage Cabinet System

Your garage is the multi-storage space of your house and by arranging it efficiently you can make it more useful for storing and arranging your numerous stuff without any hassle of finding it in spaces you have forgotten about. Most people are unaware of how to make their garage a useful place rather than a dump room with piles of clutter. Despite just parking your car or making it a messy outdoor room you can manage your garage space to store your seasonal gear, lawn tools, sports types of equipment, and more. 

For managing and storing all that, you need some best garage cabinet tips to make your garage look organized and useful. So next time when you need your tools or pieces of equipment, you can find them exactly where you left them. 

Things to consider before installing garage cabinets

There is a set of instructions you need to follow before installing a garage cabinet system. So you do not miscalculate the space for installing a cabinet system that doesn’t fit or makes it messier. 

  • You need to measure the walls and the space of your floor. 
  • Take a list of the inventory that is basic and necessary. 
  • Plan the zones for different types of tools and types of equipment according to cabinet sets. 
  • Keep the things accessible by putting cabinets off the floor at an adjustable size. 

What garage cabinets you can choose?

To make your garage presentable and manageable there is a variety of garage cabinet systems to install in your garage. These cabinets in your garage work as aesthetics as well as a fine storage space to save your things in a tidy manner. Garage cabinets appear in multiple colors that you can also make customized to match your garage floor

Wall-mounted garage cabinet

There are casters that allow you to move this tool-cabinet part around freely, even though the base is designed to be fixed in place on the wall. The worktop is made of stainless steel, so spills won’t stain it.

Free footing garage cabinets

There are various downsides to adopting free-standing cabinets for garage storage and organization. In order to clean beneath them and recover and restore items that are located on the ground, one must bend down. They may wobble a bit, but their height will allow you to put anything within, and they will be easy to shift about if you ever decide to completely redo your garage.

Overhead storage racks

There’s just one way to go from here: up, with shelves covering the walls and floors. In addition, Fleximounts’ Overhead Garage Storage Rack makes it simple to make the most of the ceiling space. There is a lot of storage space in the 8-foot-long and 4-foot-wide heavy-duty steel rack.

Rolling cabinets for garage

An ideal choice for a modest garage setup, this unit has several drawers, one storage cabinet, and a mobile work surface. Its 276-pound weight makes moving it a breeze, and its neutral color complements the majority of garage aesthetics.

How do garage cabinets assist you?

Garage cabinets are extremely useful for not just storing up your stuff but for the outlook of your garage.  They help you in providing;

  • A functional look to your garage
  • Save your space 
  • Make the cleaning easier

Wrapping up

To keep your garage a place where you can store as well as manage your stuff without any trouble and with high chances of not losing or rusting, installing a garage cabinet system is most recommendable. Garage cabinets are useful and convenient to use and keep your tools and types of equipment in place. 


Custom Garage Storage Design Ideas


Custom Garage Storage Design Ideas

A garage is a place that is ideal for storage. You can store multiple things in your garage from tools and sports gear to your gardening supplies and most importantly your vehicle. But having a storage space without properly designed can turn your storage area into a dumping bag. To save yourself from roaming in the mess and getting yourself confused by the clutter, you can even make a customized garage design to keep it managed and organized. There are a lot of useful garage design ideas that you can consider while making your garage a better and more impressive storage space. 

For this, there are many creative ideas you can use to design your garage in an organized way.  Before starting to convert your messy storage space into a designed and organized garage consider the things you need or might need in the future. 

How you can design your garage?

When your storage space is designed efficiently it becomes more functional to fulfill your need for perfect storage space. There are plenty of ways to design it the way you want by following the ideas given here. 

  • You can design your garage by utilizing the space effectively it provides.
  • Using garage equipment with multiple uses to assist in the storage and to present a neat look.
  • Make a dark garage theme to match your personality. 

Ideas for designing your garage 

There are multiple ideas to apply to designing your garage and making it organized in the best possible way. 

Attach hooks to the wall

A fantastic method to get items off the ground is with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. An open garage storage system, which makes use of moveable brackets on permanent runners, may accommodate all of your storage needs while still maximizing every square inch. This garage shelf system offers a variety of storage choices, including the ability to hang, stack, and conceal goods. Pegboard-style wall panels can be used to store a variety of goods.

Use the ceiling 

Storage from the ceiling in a garage can take many forms, but all of them save valuable floor space. This hoist uses a pulley system to lift and lower items more quickly. Also, kayaks may fit in it.

It’s possible to hang large items on the walls of the garage if they must be kept there. Heavy-duty wall hooks may be used to hang ladders, bicycles, chairs, and wreath boxes, allowing you to free up valuable floor space in your home.

Use aesthetic shelves

As long as you get some simple garage storage systems installed, it doesn’t matter how messy your garage is. It’s a place where you’ll spend a lot of time, so make it as welcoming as possible. You’re more likely to stay if you do this.

This garage storage concept has open shelves, glass-door cabinets, and locked cupboards, which is great if you regularly need to reach a certain item fast.

Unattached racks for garage

Since it’s versatile, durable, and economical, racking has become a popular option for garage storage. Racks may occupy the whole back wall of a single garage for a reasonable cost, and small drawer units, tool boxes, and storage bins can be added for a variety of storage options.


Designing your garage is a must if you are using it to store your valuable tools and gears. So you can find them in a good condition for the next time you need them. You can have a customized garage with the design you want to arrange your things. By using these useful ideas to make your garage organized you can design it effectively. 


Walk-in closets or reach-in closets


Walk-in closets or reach-in closets

If you are building the house of your dreams or you are thinking about upgrading your current closet and want to know which closet system is right for you. There are usually two most popular types of closets, walk-in closets, and reach-in closets. Here’s a quick guide on which closet will be in accordance with your liking and its benefits. 

Difference between walk-in and reach-in closets

The names of closets pretty much explain their features. A walk-in closet is generally a small or a large room in which you literally walk in and have all of your shoes, clothes, bags, and accessories around you. 

The reach-in closet usually has less space and commonly there are made up of a combination of drawers, shelve, and drawers along with hanging space. You can see all of your stuff by just standing in front of the closet which includes all of your clothes, shoes, and other small accessories.

Reach-in closet benefits

One of the main reasons why reach-in closets are more popular than walk-in closets is because they only require a small space. Yet they are highly efficient when it comes to storing your clothes and other necessary items. If you have a limited budget or space then the most recommended closets are reach-in closets. Reach-in closets are very effective when it comes to providing versatile storage space. Since these closets do not take up a lot of space so it is easier to keep them tidy and clean. They are also very easy to maintain and manage. 

This type of closet is perfect for storage in bathrooms, bedrooms, and even in hallways. They may as wide as the average doorway or they may cover a large part of your wall. Yet they still provide a lot of storage. These closets are built depending on how much space you have. 

Walk-in closet benefits

Walk-in closets are considered more spacious and stylish than reach-in closets. If you are a person who has a lot of clothes, shoes, and other accessories then for you having a walk-in closet is the best option. The Walk-in closet affords the space which you need for storing all of your accessories, clothes, and other items. You can say that it is a dream closet for many people, especially fashion lovers

  • It allows you to easily visualize different clothes which will be your outfit of the day. 
  • This type of closet surrounds you with all of your outfits which gives you the chance to know which looks better. 

As this type of closet surrounds you with all of your clothes, shoes and other accessories so it feels as if you are in a clothing store, but the only thing which differs is that you don’t need to buy anything as everything present is already yours. 

Walk-in closets are just like reach-in closets. A Walk-in closet also tends to provide versatile storage space to store all of your clothes, shoes, and other accessories. But it allows you to store these things either in a basket or shelves which a reach-in is un-capable of. It also allows you to hang your clothes on a railing. A walk-in closet attached to your bedroom is like a dream come true as many people desire to have a walk-in closet. It allows you to enjoy the spaciousness of your entire bedroom.

These types of closets are also built depending upon how much space you have and also keeping in view of your budget. These may be small or large depending on the design of your house. This closet is comfortable when it comes to storing most of the accessories along with your clothes. 


How do I make my laundry room more functional?

How do I make my laundry room more functional?

Tossing dirty clothes in the washing and dryer isn’t always enough when doing laundry. Among the laundry tasks that may be done by hand are delicate cleaning and folding, as well as presoaking and scrubbing stubborn stains. For large families or houses with limited laundry room space, laundry time may be a nuisance.

You don’t have to forsake the beauty of your house to make your laundry room into a practical workstation a result. Check out our organizing and designing techniques for the laundry room.

Get a High-Quality Washing Machine 

As tempting as it may be to jump at the best deal at the appliance store, careful analysis is required before making a purchase. Selecting a reliable washer and dryer is critical. If your washing machine unexpectedly shuts down, you’ll have no idea what to expect next. Now that your clothes are buried in water, you may or may not be able to drain the water out and continue washing them by hand. You’ll have to go back to the appliance store to acquire a new one. You might have prevented this problem in the past by investing in a high-end washing machine.

Work surface for laundry room

It is very necessary to have a work surface with some cabinets. It might sound like a luxury laundry room, but having a work surface in the laundry room can be very useful. It can be used to treat stains, mending, and many other jobs. If you are struggling with the space you can also have a folding table instead of having a countertop permanently. 

Storage Bins

Even if you don’t intend to store water in your storage containers, it’s a good idea to fill your laundry room with items that can withstand being wet. They’re a great choice because of their large amount of storage and simple, put-together style.

A Space-Saving Alternative to the Traditional Floor-Sitting Washing and Drying Set are Stackable Washers and Dryers. This makes it easy to keep track of things in a small laundry room.

Baskets for washing machines

Compact woven or fabric baskets may be used to store your laundry items, such as dryer sheets, stain sticks, and lint rollers. In addition, you may liven up your laundry room on a budget by utilizing attractive storage bins.

To make it easier to wash and fold everyone’s clothes, label larger baskets with the names of family members. As a last resort, you can establish separate containers for darks, lights, and objects that can only be washed by hand. If your laundry is neatly stacked, you’re less likely to make a washing error.

Waterproof laundry floor and tops

While searching for laundry room ideas, consider the length of time the floor and worktops will be exposed to moisture and humidity. Avoiding mold growth and structural deformation is easier if you choose water-resistant building materials.

Durable and nonporous, these materials are excellent selections for your laundry room’s counters. Carpet should be avoided in the laundry room. Instead, go with this:

  • Luxury vinyl or vinyl sheet
  • Laminated ceramic tile over a concrete or stone substrate

Drying Racks or Rods for Hanging

Having a drying rack or hanging bar in your laundry room makes it easy to dry damp clothes. For a low-cost, quick-to-install drying station, go for a tension rod with plastic clothes hangers or a folding drying rack that fits neatly into your cabinets when not in use. Drying racks that attach to the wall and fold flat when not in use are ideal for storing clothing, storage bins, and an ironing board.


How do I organize my garage like a pro?


How do I organize my garage like a pro?

The garage is the place to store your tools and definitely to protect your vehicle from the rusting sunlight, roadside dust, and unknown scratches. An unorganized garage cannot support any of this but a mere room is worth nothing but clutter. Do not waste space if you have got one and use it in a productive way to help to secure your things proficiently. 

All you need to do is organize your garage in a way that makes it of use and not a waste. Organizing a garage can sound like a tough task for you but it is just about planning out right and initiating the task to its completion.

Plan your garage set up

Before starting to organize your garage you need to empty the space to get a complete look at how it needs to be organized. It can give you a plain sight of what you need to keep in your garage and what you need to get rid of. This includes some steps to get your garage to organize the process started.  

  • Take the record of what you have and throw out the unused expired items. 
  • Organize your garage into zones by grouping the same items and putting them in the same place where they are needed. For instance tools, sports items, etc. 
  • The zones will work out as sections for tools and electric supplies.
  • Now that you have organized the things in their groups you need to make a storage plan to arrange the things on their sports.

How to use your garage storage efficiently

Organizing your tools and supplies is not enough to call your garage organized because without proper storage it would still remain a mess. To use your garage space effectively you need to have a proper storage system installed. There is a list of things you need to make your garage storage effective and productive. 

Addition of a pegboard

You can use a pegboard in your garage to avoid losing your tools in the clutter but hang your daily use and important tools on the pegboard to avoid the hassle to find them when in need. This way will be organized in a better way.

Cabinets for storage 

To store your electrical tools and supplies you can install cabinets in your garage. This will give your garage a neat look as well as you can save them from getting rusted and old. 

Wire shelves

To keep your gardening stuff in a separate space you can get wire shelves along with the walls of your garage. This will provide enough space for other items to be stored. This can also be a cheap alternative to the cabinets. 

Overhead storage

Do not miss any spot in your garage because this is what effective storage means. You can install overhead storage boxes with the ceiling of your garage. This will make out a separate section for your camping gear, beach stuff, or holiday supplies. 

Keep tackle boxes

These must-have plastic boxes for storing your hardware like screws and nails. You can use a transparent tackle box that comes with divisions inside to assist you in seeing what you need. 

Raised shelves

Don’t leave a space for the clutter and hang your ladder below your raised shelves. This will let you have your floor clear and much tidier. 


Organizing your garage like a pro is a fun task if you know what you need to add and what you need to remove from your garage space. Organizing your garage requires some storage techniques that you can apply to have an effectively organized garage. 


What’s inside a luxury walk-in closet?


What’s inside a luxury walk-in closet?

A closet is a necessity for everyone to store their clothes and accessories in a space. But the things are changed now, the storage space has evolved into a therapy room, which does not only store your things but also allows you to have some space at your place. For which a walk-in closet is a must-have space to be in your home. This not only gives you an organized space to set up your accessories but such luxury walk-in closets allow you to have some comfort while spending time getting ready or selecting your outfit for the day. 

How does a luxury walk-in closet look?

You can manage a space along your master bedroom to have a walk-in closet. Even if you have a small space you can still manage to have a walk-in closet in a congested area with some customized ideas of yours or our creative designers to turn the space into a pretty luxury walk-in closet. There is a number of things in which your luxury walk-in closet can assist you.

  • It helps you store things in an organized manner to save you from hassle.
  • You can install shelves near the roof to store things that are not used every day. 
  • It allows you a separate, comfortable, and warm space to relax or get ready in peace. 

How you can design your luxury walk-in closet?

With modern interiors and designs, the luxury has upgraded to a new level. A well-organized space with an addition of glamour is a requirement for everyone especially when you can accommodate space to hang your clothes and spend some quality time there.

 You can get a customized design for your luxury walk-in closet to make a space where you feel connected to yourself. For this, you have a list of things that you can add to give your luxury walk-in closet a touch of comfort and beauty. 

A closet island

You can have a closet island with drawers in your luxury walk-in closet. It can serve many purposes such as providing a space for your accessories, lingerie, and many other useful things. Having a countertop will allow you to put fold clothes or put valuable items.

Stylish lighting

Lighting is the most required element in a Luxury walk-in closet. To give your luxury closet a pinch of elegancy, three types of lights are required, which are recessed lighting for general, LED lighting behind shelves, and a beautiful chandelier for the persona. 

Mirror with a full length 

A full-length mirror is a must-have thing in your luxury walk-in closet. You can install a pretty full-length mirror where you can see your outfit fully on you. 

Laundry hamper

It is important to have a built-in laundry hamper in your luxury walk-in closet because a plastic basket would not suit your luxury closet aura. 

A safe 

For your precious or expensive jewelry items or important stuff, you can install a hidden safe behind your closet door to provide you security for your important things. 


Adding a royal chair or a sofa is a great addition to your walk-in closet. This will help in taking on or off your shoes or just sitting and relaxing. 

Wrapping up

A luxury walk-in closet serves many purposes and having a walk-in closet of your choice with a customized design is what you need to have in your place. This will organize your stuff as well as give you a space to relax in a comfortable environment of your own. You can have your customized walk-in closet with some phenomenal features. 


Walk-in closet vs. wall closet


Walk-in closet vs. wall closet

Everyone desires storage in an organized manner and using the storage area efficiently is an art. Having a designed and well-managed storage is definitely a style statement that people crave for their utility plan. Closets are built to save you from hassle so you can prearrange your clothes and accessories in a single place proficiently. It is very common to lose a pair of socks, but for those who find them together, is a luxury to have. 

To have your clothes and accessories storage organized, you are left with two options of having a closet that is a walk-in closet and a wall closet. If you are confused to select the best option for your storage space, we are here to provide you with the information you need to decide the type of closet you want. 

Walk-in closets

As the name suggests, the walk-in closet is based on an extra little room to organize your accessories and clothes. Walk-in closets require extra space to be built along with your bedroom, but they are majorly preferred for your storage solution. And people with extra space make walk-in closets their first choice. 

How does the walk-in closet assist you?

A Walk-in closet is the best choice if you have ample space to use it as organized storage. This type of closet helps you save from much chaos and provide some benefits such as; 

  • A Walk-in closet acts as a dressing room most of the time.
  • It provides you with enough space to assist an ironing board, where you can iron your clothes and arrange them orderly.
  • Walk-in closets combine your accessories, clothes, and make-up in a single space so it saves you time from walking from your bedroom to your washroom.
  • It gives you enough space to organize your stuff and saves you from clutter. 

Built-in closets

If you are low on space or don’t want to consume some area of your house to give much space to your wardrobe then built-in closets are the best choice. Built-in closets work as fine as walk-in closets, but the difference only lies in their space. Built-in closets are tucked with your bedroom wall but efficiently designed built-in closets can hold ample of your accessories and stuff within a limited space. 

Why you should choose built-in closets?

Built-in closets come with many advantages that assist you in many ways. There are many reasons why you should go for the built-in closet. 

  • You can upgrade your built-in closet within a short passage of time just by installing and swapping the panels if they have worn out or are too old or maybe because you are bored. 
  • It is cheaper to alter than the built-in closets as they take more time for the renovation than the built-in closets. 
  • Built-in closets are easier to manage and keep a track of your things than a walk-in closet as they comprise more space and more mess. 
  • It is a low maintenance space for the storage of your accessories and clothes keeping everything in single plane sight.  

What to consider while installing your closet?

Whatever the type of closet you go for the two main things to consider while installing are their design and functionality. You can customize your closet making it your desirable storage area for your clothes and accessories, but it should be designed the way to hold everything in an organized and settled manner. Built-in or walk-in, both types of closets are only functional if they fulfill your need to keep things manageable and structured.

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