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Custom Closets NJ

Every space is unique! Personal tastes and preferences also vary from one homeowner to another. Contemporary Closets is your #1 stop-shop for all your custom closet NJ needs. Whether you need walk-in closets, reach-in closets, or other types of closets for your home or business, we are your best bet! 

We start by offering FREE CONSULTATIONS to understand the most unique custom closet needs of our clients. We’ll also do site visits to explore opportunities for clever use of space and solve your space problems with custom closet designs unique to your space.

When you choose Contemporary Closets, you don’t have to settle for typical boring closets found everywhere. We utilize our proprietary software – ORGdesign, and deliver unmatched custom closets. 

Our service also ensures you get rid of common problems associated with specific types of closets. For instance, our custom reach-in closets feature smart designs that eliminate common criticism associated with reach-in closets i.e., small size. Our walk-in closets also fit in unbelievable spaces and offer the beauty and functionality our clients wish for.

We proudly serve all of New Jersey.


Camera Ready Closet Systems for TV

The popularity of walk-in closets and other unique closet systems can be attributable to Reality TV and social media influencers. However, a camera-ready closet is no longer out of reach!  

Contemporary Closets has the experts (skilled and experienced NJ custom closet designers and custom closet installers) and resources (proprietary closet design software, high-quality materials, and material variety) to deliver closets worthy of any Hollywood mansion. 

Check our social media pages (Facebook) to see our camera-ready closet systems firsthand. We work with our clients to deliver replicas of luxurious closet systems they like online or highly personalized versions of their favorite camera-ready closet systems.


Let us design the closet of your dreams!

Our expert custom closet designers in NJ will talk to you to understand what your dream closet looks like and use our very own proprietary software (ORGdesign) to transform your dream into reality. 

Most importantly, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our clients can request changes or tweaks until they are satisfied!


We offer many custom closet design services in New Jersey. Our main services include;


Walk-in, Reach-in, Wardrobe Closets, And Dressing Rooms

Design your own walk-in closet that meets your every need. Let Our skilled designers worry about executing your plan and surpassing your expectations. We can also design reach-in closets for you. Reach-in closets are common, but yours can stand out and offer more space than typical reach-in closets. Get more from a seemingly small space, become more organized and boost the beauty of your space with our custom reach-in closets designed from scratch!

If you can’t choose between wardrobes or closets, we can deliver both. Enjoy the benefits of wardrobes and closets in one. Contemporary Closets also designs custom dressing rooms. Create your own unique area to try on your clothes, shoes, etc. We help our clients bring their favorite clothing stores to their homes and create that comfortable and private space to try out all wardrobe options, style yourself, put on makeup, and more!

We offer more custom closet options. TALK TO US! CALL: 877-647-7331 or click the links below to learn more!

Custom Garage Storage Solutions

Are you looking to get more garage space or simply have a more organized garage? If yes, we can uncover space you never thought existed, and create custom garage storage for your tools and anything else you’d like to store away neatly and safely in your garage. Most importantly, we’ll work with your ideas and stick to your budget.

Our NJ custom garage storage solutions transform dirty and cluttered garages into functional, organized, and safe space. We do everything from complete garage makeovers to simply adding garage storage cabinets and other organization solutions. Click the link below to learn more!


Food Pantry And Prepping Area

Every home requires a pantry and food prepping area that is functional, looks great, and is easy to clean and maintain. Our skilled NJ food pantry designers think of everything and create dream pantries that have unique storage for everything from spices to utensils, appliances, fruits, flour, snacks, table cloths, and more! 

Most importantly, we think of perishability, ideal conditions, and other considerations to ensure your pantry keeps your foodstuffs fresh and keeps insects and pests away.

We also design functional food preparation areas that are highly functional and will remain hygienic and easy to maintain.

To learn more click the link below!

Laundry, Ironing & Folding Room

Your home needs a unique space for handling laundry and storing chemical cleaning products away from your children and pets. We can design custom laundry rooms that have unique space for your washing machine, dryer, detergents, iron & ironing board, dirty and clean laundry, etc., ensuring all laundry and related tasks are done in one room. 

A custom NJ laundry room will save space in other rooms, keep your detergents safe, and make laundry tasks easier and more enjoyable. Click the link below to learn more!


A customized office space to inspire and boost productivity

While you just need a computer and internet to work, your office environment will ultimately determine how productive you are. You need a custom office that inspires you to work and achieve your goals. 

We do everything from custom office desks to storage resulting in the most unique home office. Work from home in style and inspired. Discover functional space you never thought you had and transform it into a home office. Learn more buy clicking the link below.

New Jersey Closet Design

You shouldn’t settle for typical read-made closets for your home. Contemporary Closets exists to offer professional New Jersey closet design services that will match any New Jersey home design, interior décor, and personal tastes/preferences. 

In an industry with many “expert” players, focus on choosing true professionals that are tested and proven! 

See firsthand what it’s like to seek our professional closet design services. Explore our service pages!

The #1 Closet Design and Installation Company in New Jersey

Our NJ Closet Design & Installation experts have decades of experience. They are also aided by our own software – ORGdesign, high-quality materials, an unmatched variety of color and design options, and a sustainable approach! The core of the materials we use in our closet design is composed of 100% recyclable or recovered wood fibers.


Forterra features engineered structured panels that deliver remarkable strength and sophistication with thicker, longer designs that have been unachievable until now.


All ORG Home panels are made of industrial grade particleboard, finished in melamine and part of EcoElements. The core is made of 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber.


The materials we use to make custom closets meet the CARB (California Air Qualify Resources Board) standards on indoor air quality. Our clients shouldn’t worry about funny odors or harmful emissions.

Closet Organizers In New Jersey

New Jersey is packed with closet “experts”, but no one does it like Contemporary Closets! Get the maximum use of closet space in ways you never imagined. Most importantly, have a closet that looks great and is easy to keep looking great.

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Entertainment Centers


Entry Way Closets

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Closet & Garage Accessories

Make maximum use of your closet and garage storage with our unique selection of accessories. We can design and build customized fusion track systems, shelves, baskets, hooks, and smart accessories that unlock previously unusable space on your walls, roof/ceiling, doors, you name it!

With our accessories selection, you can create suitable space for anything in your closet and garage. You can also get easier access to items. We have heavy-duty brackets that can hold heavy/large items like bicycles, custom storage for screws, nails, tools and small objects/items in your garage.

Need custom space for your belts, caps, jewelry, watches, socks, name it! We have the closet accessories to make it happen!

Creative Closet Design Appointments

Contact Us to discuss your creative closet design ideas. Our New Jersey custom closet experts are waiting to hear from you! We offer FREE CONSULTATION to understand precisely what our clients want before creating professional designs using our ORGdesgin software.

Garage Floor NJ

Contemporary Closets can transform your garage floor and change the face of your entire garage. Let’s face it! The typical garage floor is usually dirty and ugly. Constant driving in/out of your garage leaves tire marks and damages the floor in most cases. Oil spills from equipment like lawnmowers and engine oil can stain your floor, leaving ugly patches that are impossible to clean. 

We can install garage floors that aren’t just easy to maintain but look great and offer unmatched safety. Let us transform your garage into a space you’d love to show off. 

Our garage floor NJ service will do precisely that and more!


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Why Choose Us?

We will deliver the greatest custom closet or storage solution to you every time. We’ll have a great time doing it, customize it to your own personal needs, and leave you and your home more organized than you thought possible. That’s why our clients return again and again.

Our commitment is to enhance the quality of your life as well as the value of your home. This is accomplished by not only outstanding products, but by the unique ORG Home Experience.

From the first phone call to the final installation, the experience is enjoyable and the results remarkable.

Starting with a thorough understanding of your needs, we will design a custom solution using ORGdesign, our proprietary design software. ORGdesign helps us engage with you so that you are a participant in the process and so that the result is a solution that is uniquely yours.

After you approve the design, ORGdesign also enables flawless execution because the design is translated into an exact order, so the solution is right, every time. There is never a worry over dimensional or style translations from the drawing to the shop floor.

When it comes time to install, your schedule and preferences are our primary consideration. Our installers are expert at their craft and will treat your home like their own, leaving it cleaner and neater than when they arrived.

Featured Reviews for Custom Closet Designers

When it comes to custom closet and storage solutions for every room in your home (including the garage), nobody beats Contemporary Closets.

When you meet us, you’ll see how amazing the process of unlocking the storage potential of the spaces in your house really is. In the meantime, check out some of the positive feedback we’re always receiving from our customers.


EFL ORGLifetimeWarrantyPolicyORG Home Products are manufactured using the highest quality materials to exact tolerances. Our Products include a limited lifetime residential warranty and a limited one-year non-residential warranty. ORG Home warrants that the Products you purchased will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the normal lifetime of the Products when used for single-family residential use, and for one year when used for non-residential or commercial use. ORG Home will repair or replace any component of the Products you purchased at no charge, if it is defective. Contact us for complete warranty details.

Custom Organization Systems

Organization systems don’t need to be restricted to a specific room in a home or commercial space. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS that uncover your organizational needs. Our skilled designers can visit you and explore organizational solutions that meet your specific needs.

If you have excess clutter that you don’t want to dispose of or just want to get organized, we can craft a custom organization system just for you.


The approximate time for a consultation will depend on the complexity of your project(s). In most case, 30 minutes is enough to complete the consultation. If you are short on time, let us know when you call and we’ll work around your timeframe.

Cost will vary depending upon several factors. These factors include, installation time, materials, and customizations. If you are working within a budget, we can customize a design to accommodate your space and finances.

EFL ORGLifetimeWarrantyPolicyORG Home Products are manufactured using the highest quality materials to exact tolerances. Our Products include a limited lifetime residential warranty and a limited one-year non-residential warranty. 

The timeframe will rely on the details of your project but generally varies between 1-4 weeks. Longer timeframes are required for more speciality items.

Yes, our expert crew and your personal consultation provider will be with you along every step of the process 

Yes! We offer a wide range of accessories for all our closet and garage systems.

Yes. These are ideal for changing rooms and can be a huge selling point for your residence.

Areas Served

Our headquarters are located in Farmingdale, NJ but we proudly serve the entire state of New Jersey. Call us today to schedule A FREE design consultation.


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